Life In San Francisco

The Basics

Housing. As a UCSF Fellow, you will make your own housing arrangemenHousest in the Bay Area. We have prepared a document with information about housing and childcare that is available for you to download. There are also several links present on this page should help you find the perfect spot. Often, apartments become available as other postdocs and students from previous years relocate. The SF Gate has a great SF neighborhoods page. page. The UCSF Parnassus Campus is in between Cole Valley and the Inner Sunset, and just a few blocks from Haight Street and Golden Gate Park. The UCSF Mission Bay campus is located in one of the sunniest parts of the city, with views of the bay and is in close proximity to AT&T Ballpark. The UCSF housing website is an excellent resource, though you may also search craigslist.


cable car

Transportation. Public transportation within San Francisco is very useful for getting around town and having your own car is not necessary for living here. However, having a car makes does make getaways to the wine country and mountains easier, and may also be helpful for early morning or late night commutes from the hospital should you be called in unexpectedly. For some, an attractive alternative may be to take advantage of the UCSF alternative transportation options including campus shuttles and even cars that you can use for quick trips to the supermarket, Costco and Target


Activities at UCSF


Sports and Athletics at the UCSF Campus. Fitness and Recreation are important activities in the city. San Francisco offers a variety of running trails, bicycle paths and outdoor recreation opportunities. Moreover, UCSF Fitness and Recreation maintains a pool, racquetball courts, basketball and volleyball facilities, a rock wall and a spacious fitness center with a full line of Cybex weight machines, aerobic machines and free weights at both Parnassus and Mission Bay campuses. Intramural team sports, martial arts and aerobic classes are scheduled, as well as a syllabus of recreational classes. Outdoors Unlimited sponsors ski cabins at Tahoe and Heavenly Valley, rents camping and aquatic equipment, and teaches classes in sail boarding on the San Francisco Bay.


Weather. The weather in San Francisco is usually cool and moderate all year. Other parts of the Bay Area experience clear and very warm weather in the summer months. Outdoor activities can be enjoyed year round.

Just for Fun. Check out the Arts and Events webpage for UCSF sponsored events. Pictures of our fellows enjoying Life in San Francisco are below!


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